Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rain Check, please?

As I sit here waiting for the rain to cease and desist, I'm wondering about what would happen if I had a scavenger hunt planned for today? I can see it now...I've spent hours preparing containers full of exciting problems, marked waypoints of all my best hiding spots in the schoolyard, hidden everything, and gotten my students totally psyched when, all of a sudden, big fat rain drops begin to fall and wash away the thrill of the hunt. Drat! What's a teacher to do?
Well, here's one thought...
If you have access to a computer lab, or even one computer and can project the screen, go to:

Now, choose an open classroom for your appropriate grade level. Voila! You have access to a google-map driven, world-wide scavenger hunt on your computer screen! The hunts have been created by terra users, as well as the web site. Try the tutorial first, then the others. If you like this as a good, back up activity, you can do what I did and register (for free) as a teacher, then set up a class in which you can capture the best hunts you find and make them available for your students via a username and password. Check out my 5th graders hunts by using the username: educaching, password: woodland

Okay, this is one rainy day idea. Now it's your turn! Add another GPS/map related idea you could use in lieu of inclement weather!
The Educacher

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